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  1. India’s Best Preschool Chain
  2. India’s Best Stand-alone Preschool
  3. India’s Best Promising Preschool
  4. Best Infrastructure among Preschools
  5. Best Innovation among Preschools
  6. Best Faculty among Preschools
  7. Best Preschool in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  8. Best Parent Choice Preschool
  1. India’s Best Chain of Senior Secondary Schools
  2. India’s Best Stand-alone Senior Secondary School
  3. India’s Best International Senior Secondary School
  4. India’s Best Boarding School
  5. Best Infrastructure
  6. Best Innovation
  7. Best Faculty
  8. India’s Best Promising Senior Secondary School
  9. Best Senior Secondary School in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  10. Best Parent Choice School
  1. India’s Best Private University
  2. India’s Best Private University in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  3. India’s Best Private Engineering College
  4. Best Private Engineering College in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  5. India’s Best Emerging Private Engineering College
  6. Best Infrastructure among Private Engineering Colleges
  7. Best Innovation among Private Engineering Colleges
  8. Best Faculty among Private Engineering Colleges
  9. Best Industry Exposure among Private Engineering Colleges
  10. Best Placement among Private Engineering Colleges
  11. India’s Best Business College
    Best Business College in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  12. India’s Best Emerging Business College
  13. Best Infrastructure among Business Colleges
  14. Best Innovation among Business Colleges
  15. Best Faculty among Business Colleges
  16. Best Industry Exposure among Business Colleges
  17. Best Placement among Business Colleges
  18. India’s Best Medical College
  19. Best Medical College in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  20. Best Infrastructure among Medical Colleges
  21. Best Innovation among Medical Colleges
  22. Best Faculty among Medical Colleges
  23. Best Agricultural Collegein Zone (East|West|North|South)
  24. Best Pharmacy Collegein Zone (East|West|North|South)
  25. Best Polytechnic in Zone (East|West|North|South)
  26. Best Distance Learning Education
  27. Best Fashion Institute in Zone (East|West|North|South)


Excellence in CSR Activities in Education (East|West|North|South)

  1. Promising Recruitment (East|West|North|South)
  2. Promising Recruitment for Freshers (East|West|North|South)
  1. Best Workplace (East|West|North|South)
  2. Best Workplace for Freshers (East|West|North|South)

Above and Beyond

  1. Social Upliftment
  2. Donated your time
  3. Cultural Development & Prevention
  4. Upliftment of SMB/Cottage Industry.
  5. Back to Society


  1. Best Innovation
  2. Best Tech
  3. Best Student Reach
  4. Best Recruitment
  5. Best Place to Work


  1. Best Thought Leader (IT)
  2. Best Thought Leader (Management)
  3. Best Thought Leader (Finance)
  1. Best Teachers/Researchers ( Preschool | School | College)
  2. Best Mentor (IT)
  3. Best Mentor (Management)
  4. Best Mentor (Finance)
  1. Best Education Consultants
  2. Best Overseas Education Consultants

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Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.

Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.


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