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Ayurveda’s Global Appeal: International Students Paving the Way

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The ancient healing system of Ayurveda is gaining global recognition, with students from diverse corners of the world converging at Jaipur’s National Institute of Ayurveda. Ethel Nyoni from Zambia, Dr. Avvinish Narine from Trinidad and Tobago, and others are on a mission to become Ayurveda ambassadors in their home countries.

Ayurveda’s Rising Popularity Abroad

Young individuals from countries like Afghanistan, Iran, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ghana, and more are choosing Jaipur Institute for Ayurveda studies. Most of them, including Ethel Nyoni, have backgrounds in fields like engineering and conventional medical science, bringing a diverse skill set to the realm of traditional Indian medicine.

Creating Ayurveda Trailblazers

Vice-Chancellor Sanjeev Sharma envisions these foreign graduates as Ayurveda trailblazers in their respective nations. The institute’s goal is to establish Ayurveda as a recognized branch of medicine beyond Indian borders.

Individual Stories

1.      Dr. Avvinish Narine’s Journey From information technology to Ayurveda, Dr. Narine’s story reflects a profound shift inspired by a seminar at the University of the West Indies in 2010. His pursuit of a PhD in Ayurveda signifies a commitment to the ancient healing system.

2.      Dr. Fatemeh Moazzami Peiro’s Trailblazing Efforts Hailing from Iran, Dr. Peiro’s choice to study Ayurveda was influenced by a life coach who saw her passion for helping others. As the first qualified Ayurveda practitioner in Iran, she aspires to change the recognition status of Ayurveda in her home country.

3.      Komivi ADJA’s Mathematical Mind Embraces Ayurveda The first Ayurveda student from Togo, Komivi ADJA, was a mathematics student when an AYUSH scholarship opened the door to Ayurveda. His unique journey exemplifies the global appeal of this ancient healing system.

Challenges and Aspirations

While these students aspire to bring Ayurveda to the forefront in their home countries, they face the challenge of establishing its recognition as a legitimate system of medicine. Their determination and the education they receive at Jaipur Institute contribute to overcoming these hurdles.

Jotting it down

The influx of international students like Ethel Nyoni, Dr. Avvinish Narine, Dr. Fatemeh Moazzami Peiro, and Komivi ADJA to Jaipur’s National Institute of Ayurveda not only reflects the global appeal of Ayurveda but also positions them as pioneers in introducing this ancient healing system to the world. As they embark on their journeys, they carry the promise of transforming Ayurveda into a recognized and respected branch of medicine beyond the borders of India.

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Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.

Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.


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