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Money Over Quality: Is This Today’s Scenario Of India Education System

by EJ_Team
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Education is the tool for making a human being out of a man. It is believed to be an ingredient that gives the human race the capacity to maintain life. Over the years, the education market has grown. From the original Gurukuls to today’s groups in contemporary architectural buildings, this transition is very clear.

One issue that retards the consciousness of any relevant person seems to be the commercial aspect involved in this sector. The education seems to have become a lucrative venture with the participation of business owners and employees in this industry. They concentrate mostly on money at the moment instead of focusing on qualitative education.

Education is becoming a business because of an increase in even more schools and universities that are opened. The privatisation of academic institutions also aided this to become from academic institutions to a commercial enterprise. The standard, as well as educational quality, dramatically decreased too much more academic institutions and a lack of decent teachers. Teachers have begun to focus only on those who grasp things for themselves, and others are left behind as in this fast-moving and competing environment.

Today, educational institutions are more committed to making money than delivering quality education. They try to pay as many fees as possible to employ as few teachers as possible. Education has not only become pricey but has also become a hot sector. The most paying are the most compensated chances in terms of money and strength. It has become the key target for power holders to start colleges solely because of the high returns.

Let us explore solutions to protect the nature of education. What are the potential ways to minimise the high costs of education?

The proposals that could put an end to the issue between the two parties concerned. One, the state, and the other, the parents or guardians.


When we speak about the administration, it is the centre of influence in democracy. As and when appropriate, it will exert the same power to hold a watch on the wrongdoings of business minds in the education sector.

Strategies of the Government

First of all, the government should put in place a bill to hold a watch on the inflow of capital into the company. It is important to assess the cost of the school fee and other costs. In addition, a fair review must be made on the fees paid by the students and their guardians.

Growing the efficiency of government agencies

One of the key factors for drifting students to private business-oriented institutions is the degrading nature of the current government or aided institutions. The outsourcing of education is on the increase due to the lack of alternatives. The government is to increase the quality of education, and the proper infrastructure needs to be built.

Parent or Guardian

If the govt. is able to enforce the proposals, the guardians are the ones who have to do the same thing. In this promise, the role and duty of the student and their guardians is equal to that of the state.

Please say no to donation

The actual condition is that not everyone will join a government institution. In order to have an immediate effect, parents and guardians must fail to pay a donation or a token sum. If we all fail to pay the contribution, the change would be apparent right from the first day of the campaign.

Build and support education based on talent

The new enrolment numbers specifically indicate that more students study against their will in engineering and medical classes. This is based less on preference and more on the prestige of relatives and colleagues. It has also given rise to pricey schooling. Every child is a special person, and this is what we all need to recognise. They must also be allowed to follow the courses of their choosing and abilities.

The ideas described above can be applied without any hustle and can offer immediate results. Be a conscientious person, think about the country as a whole.

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Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.

Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.


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