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Nurturing Little Moguls: Bengaluru Preschool Unveils ‘CEO-in-the-Making’ Program, Internet Buzzing with Curiosity!

by EJ_Team
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Bengaluru, the bustling IT capital of India, has long been synonymous with startups and entrepreneurship. Now, even preschools in the city are tapping into the startup culture by offering an “entrepreneurship program” for kids as young as three years old. A recent tweet by user Bhavana (@Bhavana_MA) showcased an advertisement for one such program, sparking a conversation about the necessity and feasibility of teaching entrepreneurship to preschoolers.

Bengaluru’s Entrepreneurial Spirit: Permeating All Aspects of Life

Located in HSR Layout, Bengaluru, a preschool has introduced an entrepreneurship program for young children. The initiative aims to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and initiative from an early age. The program’s advertisement gained attention on social media, with some expressing surprise and amusement. Bengaluru’s reputation as a startup hub contributes to the interest surrounding this unconventional approach. 

While opinions differ on the suitability of teaching entrepreneurship to preschoolers, the program aligns with the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. It aims to nurture essential skills and mindsets in children, but concerns arise about striking a balance with holistic development. The initiative reflects Bengaluru’s startup culture and its position as an innovation center. The long-term impact of preschool entrepreneurship programs remains uncertain, but they add to the city’s narrative as an environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors.

 The program’s advertisement caught the attention of social media users, with many expressing surprise and amusement at the idea. One user humorously remarked that the high number of startups in HSR could be attributed to such initiatives.

Preschools and Early Entrepreneurship Education

While the notion of teaching entrepreneurship to preschoolers may seem unconventional, it reflects the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates Bengaluru. The city has earned a reputation as a hub for startups and innovation, attracting both local and global talent. This entrepreneurial culture has influenced various aspects of life in the city, including education.

Debates and Reactions from the Community

Supporters argue that introducing entrepreneurship at a young age can foster creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and a sense of initiative in children. By encouraging them to think entrepreneurially, it is believed that they will develop essential skills and mindsets that can benefit them in the future. However, skeptics question the practicality and appropriateness of such programs for such young children. They argue that preschoolers should primarily focus on social, emotional, and cognitive development rather than business concepts.

This discussion extends beyond preschools to the wider community. Even at the Bengaluru airport, a recent photo shared by user Pooja Singh (@pooja1place) showed a boarding bridge for IndiGo Airlines with the phrase “Common ramp for the founders and their funders” written on it. This further reinforces the city’s fascination with entrepreneurship and the perceived connection between founders and funders.

Summing it up

 While opinions may differ regarding the suitability of introducing entrepreneurship to preschoolers, it is undeniable that Bengaluru’s startup culture has permeated various facets of life. As the city continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, it is not surprising to see schools and even airport branding embracing and capitalizing on this trend. Whether these initiatives will truly shape the next generation of entrepreneurs remains to be seen, but they certainly add a unique touch to Bengaluru’s entrepreneurial narrative.

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Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.

Education Journalist endeavours to bring this forward to mentor individuals or an organization and use their learning and experiences to pave their path.


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